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ProjectFloorApartmentSizePriceStatusAvailabilitySend inquiryFlooplans
Exerzierstraße 30GF WE 163.97 m²€ 225.700,00availableavail letsend inquiryFloorplan
Exerzierstraße 301stWE 298.76 m²soldavail let
Exerzierstraße 301stWE 381.1 m²soldavail let
Exerzierstraße 302ndWE 498.76 m²soldavail let
Exerzierstraße 302ndWE 581.1 m²soldavail let
Exerzierstraße 303rdWE 698.76 m²reservedavail let
Exerzierstraße 303rdWE 781.1 m²reservedavail let
Exerzierstraße 304thWE 898.76 m²soldavail let
Exerzierstraße 304thWE 981.1 m²reservedavail let
Exerzierstraße 305thWE 1098.3 m²soldavail unlet
Exerzierstraße 305thWE 1181.1 m²soldavail let
Exerzierstraße 306thWE 1296.77 m²soldavail let
Exerzierstraße 306thWE 1378.28 m²reservedavail let
Exerzierstraße 32GFWE 1464.87 m²not availableavail let
Exerzierstraße 32GFWE 15196.24 m²soldavail let
Exerzierstraße 321stWE 1665.84 m²soldavail let
Exerzierstraße 322nd WE 1789.77 m²€ 311.700,00availableavail letsend inquiryFloorplan
Exerzierstraße 322ndWE 1882.1 m²reservedavail let
Exerzierstraße 323rdWE 1989.77 m²soldavail unlet
Exerzierstraße 323rd WE 2082.1 m²€ 317.300,00availableavail letsend inquiryFloorplan
Exerzierstraße 324thWE 2189.77 m²soldavail unlet
Exerzierstraße 324th WE 2282.1 m²€ 294.300,00availableavail letsend inquiryFloorplan
Exerzierstraße 325thWE 2389.77 m²reservedavail let
Exerzierstraße 325thWE 2482.1 m²soldavail let
Exerzierstraße 326thWE 2586.78 m²soldavail let
Exerzierstraße 326thWE 2679.25 m²soldavail let
Exerzierstraße 345thWE 3694.12 m²reservedavail let
Exerzierstraße 345thWE 3747.19 m²soldavail let
Exerzierstraße 34GF WE 3860.72 m²€ 255.100,00availableavail letsend inquiryFloorplan
Exerzierstraße 341st WE 3960.72 m²€ 309.500,00availableavail unletsend inquiryFloorplan
Exerzierstraße 342ndWE 4060.72 m²reservedavail let
Exerzierstraße 343rdWE 4160.72 m²soldavail let
Exerzierstraße 344thWE 3547.12 m²soldavail let
Exerzierstraße 30GFWE 4414.02 m²soldavail unlet
Exerzierstraße 344thWE 3494.12 m²soldavail let
Exerzierstraße 343rdWE 3294.12 m²not availableavail unlet
Exerzierstraße 342nd WE 3147.12 m²€ 179.500,00availableavail letsend inquiryFloorplan
Exerzierstraße 341st WE 2947.08 m²€ 176.700,00availableavail letsend inquiryFloorplan
Exerzierstraße 341stWE 2894.21 m²reservedavail let
Exerzierstraße 342ndWE 3093.79 m²not availableavail let
Exerzierstraße 343rdWE 3347.12 m²soldavail let
Exerzierstraße 30GFWE 4516.88 m²soldavail unlet
Exerzierstraße 30GFWE 467.6 m²soldavail unlet
Exerzierstraße 34GFGw 27220.68 m²not availableavail unlet


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Kantstraße 44/45
D-10625 Berlin

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Energy Pass:

  • Year built: 1989
  • Heating type: Central heating
  • Fuel type/energy source: oil
  • Type of energy performance certificate: consumption certificate
  • Energy performance indicator: 115 kWh/sqm/year
  • Energy efficiency class: D

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